A1 Mini Trucks

 A1 Mist Sprayers Resources, Inc. sells quality used 4X4 mini-trucks for use as utility vehicles in farm, ranch, dairies, livestock confinement, stables, orchards, vineyards, fish farms, nursery/landscaping, acreage, golf course, parks, campgrounds, marinas, resorts, schools/universities, municipalities, law enforcement/security, lumber yards, manufacturing, warehouses and wrecking yard applications. They are also the best hunting, sporting and recreation vehicles.

Mini-trucks are tough, fuel efficient and reliable four wheel drive vehicles that are very easy to maintain. They are more affordable than new ATV's and UTV's when you compare specs for payload capacity, power, safety and the convenience features that mini-trucks provide!

These Japanese mini-trucks have many standard features including an enclosed heated cab, folding bed sides and tail gate for easy loading and unloading.

Mini Truck Features:

    • 660 Cc 3 Or 4 Cylinder (40 HP) Liquid Cooled, Fuel Injected Gasoline Powered Engines With Air Filter And Oil Filter, 40+ MPG
    • 4 Or 5 Speed-Manual Transmission
    • Dimensions: 133 In. Long x 63 In. Wide, 93 In. Wheel Base (May Vary)
    • 4-Wheel Drive - 45 Lbs. Torque
    • 4 In. Lift Blocks
    • 12 Inch Rims With 205-80-R12 – Off Road Tread Tires (Standard Tires Optional)
    • Heated 2 Seat Cabs, Most With A/C Too
    • Seat Belts/Hand Holds
    • Rear View Mirror/Side Mirrors
    • Right Hand Steering (Left Hand Optional)
    • Head Rests
    • Door Locks
    • Power Brakes/Emergency Hand Brake
    • 54 In. x 78 In. Flat Bed (No Wheel Wells) With Tail Gate With Drop/Removable Sides
    • 1,000 Lb. Load Capacity, 1,700 Lb. Towing Capacity
    • Headlights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Turn Signals And Interior Lights
    • Rear Bumper With Receiver Hitch
    • Radio-Antenna (AM)
    • Windshield Wipers
    • Colors: White, Orange, Silver - Other Colors Available At Additional Cost

Options: Stock Tires, Left Drive, Brush Guard, Snow Plow, 2 Foot Snorkel Breather Tube (Suzuki Only)

Mini Trucks Are Primarily For Off-Road Use In The U.S. But Are Street And Highway Legal (Not Interstate Or Freeway Legal) In Some States. Check The Laws In Your State Or View More Information From The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/laws/minitrucks


A1 Mist Sprayers Resources is the leader in Mist Sprayer technology and specializes in pasture and livestock insect control spraying.

Visit our Mist Sprayer Web Site http://www.mistsprayers.com

Purchase a Mini-Truck and one of our self contained engine driven Mist Sprayers today!



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